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 Official Stranglehold Thread

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PostSubject: Official Stranglehold Thread   Official Stranglehold Thread I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 11, 2007 2:34 pm

John Woo Presents Stranglehold
Developer: Midway Studios Chicago
Publisher: Midway
Website: Official Site

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It takes a brave shooter to try and make an impact on the videogame world, with only a few weeks to go before Halo 3 is released into the world. Step forward Stranglehold. Before your cynicism makes you discard this game before it has even had a chance to breathe, throw away all your misgivings regarding games which have films as their source materials. Go on. Close your eyes and forget all about "The Matrix Online". Forget all about "Spiderman 3". The game and the film. If you are a PC gamer, even try and forget about the incoming desperate housewives "game".

Official Stranglehold Thread Stranglehold_screen002

Done that? Good. Because if the Stranglehold demo has taught me one thing, it is that I like to shoot people. With my two guns. With added "Tequila Time". Tequila time is essentially a version of bullet time, where you pick your target, shoot and the camera follows the path of your bullet. Sort of like a water-skier follows a boat. And believe me, shooting people in the nuts, in slo-mo, never gets boring.

Official Stranglehold Thread 10_large

If you are a John Woo fan, you may even be pleased to know that there are doves in this game. If you enjoy John Woo trivia, you may even be pleased to know that John Woo once directed a film which had Jackie Chan in it, before either were household names. But it is really the game that we are concentrating on and you will probably be impressed by the sheer number of destructible environments there are in this game. Fire extinguishers, propane gas tanks, even water melons follow very simple laws of physics. Click. Bang. BOOM.

And if there is a bad guy in the vicinity, the laws of physics adjust themselves. It then becomes: Click. Bang. Boom. Death. Haha.

Official Stranglehold Thread S29540_360_28

The marketing blurb promises "a highly modified version of the Unreal 3.0 engine integrated with the Havok physics system", which basically means lots of shooting, lots of explosions and lots of colourful ways to die. You can also expect cutscenes, which should look impressive. Hopefully better than on the demo. Also, prepare yourself for a few special moves to unlock, which should make the killing even more fun. All that remains for me to say is, purchase and play.

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PostSubject: Re: Official Stranglehold Thread   Official Stranglehold Thread I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 19, 2007 1:10 pm

i love this game in sinngle player, havent really enjoyed it in multiplayer yet tho as i keep getting the crazy americans who just throw insults at me coz im english to play against lol. not to sure on the health levels in multiplayer either they seem a bit high and also im bummed that headshots dont kill unless you are using precision aim
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PostSubject: STRANGLEHOLD   Official Stranglehold Thread I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 28, 2007 2:11 am

I love gliding through the air its well funny imagine on hard boiled.
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PostSubject: Re: Official Stranglehold Thread   Official Stranglehold Thread I_icon_minitime

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Official Stranglehold Thread
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