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 Official NHL 08 Thread

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PostSubject: Official NHL 08 Thread   Official NHL 08 Thread I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 19, 2007 3:01 pm

NHL 08
Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Website: Official Site

Official NHL 08 Thread 331677ps

Players: 1-4

From time to time, my friends and I will have a discussion about how insular americans are. And the fact that America seems not to care about anything unless it is "made in america". This seems to extend to sports (how popular is David Beckham going to make "soccer"? Let me tell you. Not very!), music and films. In our typical british way, my friends and I laugh at our superiority, quite happy about the fact that we are smarter than our cousins in the new world.

That is until I sat down to write this official thread. And realised that my knowledge of ice hockey only extends as far as the name "Wayne Gretzky". A puck. Lots of ice. Fighting. Goal tenders with body warmers. And erm, that is it. How many players per team? No idea. What the 'ell is a "Stanley Cup"? What does "icing" mean?

Official NHL 08 Thread NHL08_NG_Bost_Tunnel

Before you readers demand your money back, I'll just remind you guys that this is a free website. Or in other words, you get what you pay for. All I'll tell you is that this game has decided to go with the skill stick "innovation" from the 07 edition. Essentially, EA seems to want to wean us off the need to press buttons and play their sports games exclusively using the thumbsticks. Now, I have played Fight Night, NHL 07 and a few other games and I have to say that I can't cope with this new development. I need buttons, I really do. And I dare suspect that you guys will do too.

Official NHL 08 Thread NHL08_NG_Bost_Chara

Because, and I am sure this goes without saying, this game will be up to the usual EA standards in terms of graphics, sound and presentation. And content. Which means that you can prepare yourself either for aloads of playing for the 30 year franchise award. Or lots of sim-ing. Either way, buttons are a must.

The game will also have an accurate digital representation of every single professional ice hockey player in north america. Loads of seasons for you to work through and a competent season mode.

Official NHL 08 Thread Nhl08_07

Nothing really left for me to say. Only two things. Firstly, the beauty of trying to give you an idea about an EA games is that I can honestly say that the game would not be that much different from the previous edition. And I am sure that that is the case with this game as well. SO, judging from last year. NHL plays a decent game of hockey. Technically, a marvel. But it is still hockey. And hockey is an acquired taste. If you have not been weaned on hockey or hockey games, do not purchase and play.

And secondly, apologies to my american readers. (If you are still reading). As I confessed at the top, the old world can be even more insular than the new world.

Official NHL 08 Thread Nhl08_06
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Official NHL 08 Thread
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