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 Whats going on around here...

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PostSubject: Whats going on around here...   Tue Apr 20, 2010 8:55 am

So to anyone who bothers to read this, here is my latest story...might take a while so get comfy.

Ok so I realise that I haven't made any changes to this site for a while, I think part of the problem is that I have an overactive imagination and always believe that I can make changes or improvements to the site, or that there are ideas that I think would work great on here. The problem is that implementing those ideas would cause issues and make the 360 Splurge too complicated, I want to keep things simple, so that means either taking things out and replacing them, or just leaving well alone.

Leaving well alone doesn't work very well as you readers can see, its not exactly heaving with post is it? That's mainly down to you guys though. I provide the forum and you discuss or "Splurge" your thoughts.

Anyway I've been going through a rough time of late. Its all a compilation of losing friends through being lied to, huge family issues and being ill (long term illness). As you can imagine, trying to find motivation is really difficult.

I also run the 360 Splurge single handed. I used to have other staff members, but things got complicated...shit happens I suppose, move on.

So now you know, I've not abandoned the Splurge.


*No more Friends Request please*
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Whats going on around here...
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