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 Too much of a good thing

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PostSubject: Too much of a good thing   Sat Oct 27, 2007 8:01 pm

I got a PM from one of our members this morning, basically telling me to pull my finger out and actually post something on this site. And he was quite correct, we have been neglecting the content on this site over the last week.

Thousand apologies.

I suppose the truth of the matter is that we here at 360splurge are all games addicts and if you check our individual Live eye profiles, you will see that there have been inhuman amounts of hours being spent on our consoles. But enough with the excuses.

It shan't happen again.

(There are just too many games to play at the moment. I finally got Virtua Fighter 5 and it plays like a dream. I got Eternal Sonata as well and I am playing in a dream of Chopin. Which is bizarre, but strangely entertaining. If this carries on, it will be a very poor christmas for my cousins.)
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PostSubject: Re: Too much of a good thing   Sun Oct 28, 2007 1:36 am

To be honest I am in a similar predicament. Too many games and not enough time to do much else.

But now I have promoted myself in my own little world of Splurge-ness the main reason I havent been posting as much as I really should is that I am now reviewing games! I am currently bouncing in between playing Tomb Raider Anniversary and Clive Barker's Jericho playing as much as possible so I can accurately write a decent review on both. Don't worry they will be posted and announced on the Splurge as and when they are complete.

Please forgive me, I'm doing this for the Splurge's own good!


*No more Friends Request please*
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PostSubject: Why i dont go on 360 or splurge anymore :   Sun Oct 28, 2007 9:49 am

Well, i havent really been on my xbox or computer as i should be now . The reason is because i had atleast 40 xbox games sold half of them then has the months went by i sold loads more you see . I completed pgr4 sold that now im down to 1 game left HALO3 ino it sounds stupid but i cant be bothered with my 360 anymore i havent got a clue why but just have,nt been bothered even though ive only got 1 game left but soon i will have loads more and be back on wanting to play i just know it. Aswell as that ive only been on splurge at night time like i used to be on nearly for 16 hours its gone down to 2 but if people starts posting again then i will definatly be on all the time. Anothwr reason why is because ive not been out with my mates and freinds in months just on splurge or 360 all the time but now im out with freinds everyday . I should be buying games but im buying tracksuits and (ect) i should be on my games but instead on the dashboard out with freinds . but soon im going to kick back and start spending my money on games relax play on the 360 . have fun on splurge and other websites . NOT BUYING TRACKSUITS ALL THE TIME NOT GOING OUT WITH MATES ALL THE TIME FROM NOW ON JUST SPLURGE AND 360. AND GAMES LOTS AND LOTS OF NEW GAMES.
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PostSubject: Re: Too much of a good thing   Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:27 pm

Well, we can't have nothing for you to read on Splurge, can we now?

I was sitting at home this evening, and watching a little of Californication, with that fella from the X-Files. And then I got this idea. An epiphany, if you will. I think that at the moment, we can all agree that there are perhaps too many good games to play, nad these games are not stopping coming out between now and the new year. Too many games, too little time to play them. It's a nice predicament to be in.

But it got me thinking. I have a videogame addiction. It's true. One part of it is wanting to play nothing but good games. And the other part is wanting to get an immense gamerscore. And to that end, my videogame diet consists of the following:

Vitamin A: Or in other words action games.

Vitamin D: Or in other words, driving games.

Vitamin FPS: Incredibly important for a well-balanced gaming diet.

Vitamin EA: Vital for a healthy gamerscore.

And to round it off, don't forget to include supplementary mineral components like calcium, iron, magnesium and the like.

If you have all these things, we will win the fight against obesity. And as a bonus, all these essentials are NHS approved.

Trust me.

(Normal service to be resumed shortly)
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PostSubject: Re: Too much of a good thing   

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Too much of a good thing
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